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Because Ghana lacks a strong technological or manufacturing base, the bulk of this product category consumed by the populace has to be imported. Secondly, there is almost zero capacity for the man-on-the-street to autonomously make electronic purchases online. Thirdly, the delivery system that transports such products from overseas where they're produced to Ghana and most parts of the African continent is very expensive. Products like laptops, costing about $400 can sometimes have a delivery charge of about $450. Customs charges can be an additional 30% of the product cost.

Because of this, Ghanaians and Africans who would actually take the trouble to make use of e-commerce would typically have to first locate someone in the west with access to a debit/credit card, then transfer cash to them. After the purchase is made, they would need to locate someone traveling into the country within the shortest time period and have it handed to them to be delivered. This way, they eliminate both delivery and customs charges. Most people however steer clear of online purchases due to the hassle involved.

So, what our idea; the e-afrique does is to make an e-currency (which is connected to their local bank) available to the Ghanaian and African customer, such that he/she can make purchases on any e-commerce webstore that accepts paypal and integrate it with a consolidated shipping model that delivers his product right to his doorstep with essentially no need for middle men or intermediaries. Even as it grants a high level of autonomy to the customer, it also cuts down delivery and customs charges by as much as 70%. This means more Ghanaians and Africans making online purchases, and with increasing purchasing severity and consequently increasing the market for e-commerce webstores all over the world.



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    Nathan Kwadade (USA)
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