Easy After Market Installation of Car Audio

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With the dashboard you find in all new cars these days, more features are becoming integrated around the stereo and navigation systems. Well for a car audio fanatic, these complex dashboards make it extremely expensive, if not next to impossible, to install an after market speaker system affordably.

I don't see why one must shell out thousands of dollars to have a professional; rip apart your cars dashboard, discontinue your SYNC availability, and have expensive equipment installed, all for just an upgrade of the audio quality. When just a few years ago, a consumer could remove and install a new stereo fairly cheaply and easily, much less than todays only options.

Well I propose a simple device, that allows someone to keep their current radio set up while adding in an external system, by introducing a portable FM or Bluetooth Transmitter with Audio Line Out cables and a Remote Turn On Wire for use with all mobile amplifiers ever produced.

It works by connecting your audio device (iPod) via 3.5mm jack and splits the audio signal to a FM or Bluetooth transmitter properly adjusted to a car stereo AND a line out cable for the amplifiers. Because the amplifiers cannot stay on all the time, a remote turn on wire must be included to trigger the power on/off function whenever the unit is powered on likewise.

This is providing the required connectors for additional sound equipment without purchasing the head unit that traditionally provides them. The music still gets played through the cars existing sound system with the new addition.

No product with these features is currently available, and having such a device would save money, time, and consumer frustration. No expensive head units to purchase, or installation guys to pay, or dealerships to visit due to self installation errors.

While there is no new technological innovation here, the combination of existing technology can be used to overcome the complex challenges normally faced when attempting a audio system upgrade.

The cost of manufacturing something like this is very cheap. Transmission chips, power signal circuits, and L.E.D indicators are extremely cheap.

Because this unit does not need to be permanently installed, an aftermarket stereo system can easily be removed providing a non-invasive and technical know-how free product.

With this product, installing a car stereo system has never been easier or cheaper!


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