Printer in Pocket

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Printer nowadays is usually big, heavy and expensive. Due to this, a printer in a company is usually shared by a few computers to save cost. Occasionally, one will encounters simultaneous printings by several users which slow down the whole printing processes. If the printing load is too heavy, the printing will even be aborted. It is not impossible in one day, it will be replaced by an ultra portable printer namely Printer In Pocket (PIP) for instance. You will have your very own printer for execute your printing jobs more smoothly. The size of the PIP is somewhat foldable or stackable to make its size small enough for one to put in the pant's pocket to carry to whatever places. It utilizes LED touch screen for text and picture display. A micro hard disc is used to store Microsoft Window which enable one to change font size, background, color, graphic and other settings prior to printing.

PIP also consists of USB for pen drive allowing documents transferred from pen drive to PIP.

Colorful inks are contained within several membranes. It can be refilled through micro tubes when drying out. One can print A4 or A2 paper for his/her prefer. It is also a wireless gadget operating without lost of battery capacity as it is incorporated with an automatic battery recharge system.


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