Smart Trash

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In this life, rubbish is a problem that often arises in daily life which can lead to in terms of both health and natural balance. Problems arising in this, our team makes innovations to the trash bins in the process make both organic and non-organic (except made of iron, aluminum, and glass) into rubbish both in terms of cleanliness and hygiene are also environmentally friendly on the end result of the process called Smart Trash.

This tool was initially originated from rubbish is heated to the temperature of 1000'C in vats made specifically to be able to withstand the heat, of course, the barrel contained within rubbish tank-stick.

Parts are:
- Tong Aluminum
- Bath Shelter Anti Sticky
- Solar Panels
- Heating Element
- Inductor
- Transistor Amplifier Power Inductor
- Aki
- Reducing Heat


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  • Name:
    Jirzy Zaidan Anugrah
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    Team members:
    Jirzy Zaidan Anugrah
    Rian O Purnama
    Ady Suprastyo
    Fahrizal Maulizha
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