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Description: Read@Night® Children’s Book Light

Read@Night is a special Children’s Book Light (patent) that was founded by a dream of loving to read at night. The dream was to design a special children’s book light that is fun, innovative and unique that will promote the joy of reading. This book light will be enjoyed by children and adults alike who enjoy the love of reading at night. The book light has a special animated character such as an animal, human, hero or fantasy object that would inspire reading plus promote reading. You clip the book light to the back of the book then you extend the neck from the body of the character….the neck is moveable and flexible. The book light has no connections, uses an LED light. The illumination is widespread and this helps when you are reading at night. Another great thing about this book light is that it comes with a bookmark. The bookmark can be detached from the book light so you can save your page in the book after you are done reading. Children can take the book light to play along with them.

The following is a list of other great benefits that the Read@Night children’s book light offers:
* Ease of use – simple to attach/clip to the back of a book.
* Eco friendly – no connections, uses an LED light. The illumination is wider and this helps to give more light to the page you are reading.
* Combination – a book light for reading… plus a bookmark that can be detached from the book light so you can save your page when you are done reading.
* Attractiveness – has a variety of different characters with vibrant colors such as an animal, human, hero, or fantasy object.
* Compact – the size makes it ideal to carry it with you were ever you go.
* Travel – use it while traveling in a car or plane. Clip it to the strap of your back pack, book bag, belt strap, sport bag and anywhere you would like to carry your personal character.
* Safety – can be used as a night light when you get up in the middle of the night, use it as a safety light while taking a walk at night or when you go out for Halloween, use it as a play light when playing at night like hide and seek.
* Collectable – with the many different characters that will be available. Children and adults alike will start collecting them.

…. just imagine all the possibilities of this unique Read@Night Children’s Book Light!


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