Electric Soap Foam Dispenser

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USES : Bathing, washing soap & shaving cream dispensers.


Around the world most people utilities waste of water and more soaps usage,washing release contaminated water directly in to the environment or in to storm drains intended for rain water. This causes pollution in our rivers, lakes and streams. But our design foam dispenser to be less water,soap and time usage. 

(i) Efficient use of water and soap :

When we use the soap / liquid soap to clean the hands, there is thick layer of soap,If we remove the soap layer,lot of water wastage. but soap foam easy to remove the less amount of water.

(ii) More effective than nozzle type of soap dispenser :

When we use the Nozzle type soap dispenser, there is a chance of block the nozzle due to high thickness / density
and dry of soap. but our Electric soap foam dispenser continue output foaming.

(iii) Utilization :

Some of the dispensers can be used for specific liquid soaps, but Electric soap foam dispenser can use for any type of soaps.

(iv) Flexibility in changing the density :

The dispenser user can change the density of foam according to the convenience.but other type of dispenser
can't change density.

(v) No harmful / polluting gases are used :

The harmful gases like CFC and other polluting gases are not used.

CONCLUSION : Due to less usage of water and soap, it protects our environment and conservation of the Natural Resources.

How to work soap foam dispenser:

Battery operated motorized foam generator:

This foam generator is micro cellular sponge . this sponge is one side water & other side is soap with air mixing in the chamber produce soap foam .

How to work soap foam dispenser:

First of all fill the water in water chamber,afterthat put the foam filter and sponge setup and top of the soap covered soap chamber. then switch on the battery.when motor through the rotating sponge,after we have tilting foam dispenser ,water flow through the foam filter in the mixing chamber, Rotate the sponge abserved water with touch the soap centrifugal force applied ,at the same time centre side vacum soap and water dispose micro cellular foam coming the air viceversa water abserved touching the soap produced air bubble.coming the bubble dispense in the foam.foam filter don't allowed foam to water chamber.when exhaust foam through the foam output.

How to change of foam density :
when we have press slowly the soap chamber dispense low density foam ,hard press the soap chamber dispense high density foam.



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