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The world is currently experiencing rapid explosion in human population with a fixed land mass, thus, making a very constrained space available for agricultural practices. It is gradually coming to a point where agricultural products supply is no longer able to meet up with the demand, thereby causing an impending food shortage/crisis globally and a hike in food prices.

There is therefore the need for more efficient agricultural practices, especially in the areas of mixed cropping and crop rotation for maximizing the agricultural output of a particular piece of land within specific or over a continuous interval.

This solution aims to solve this problem by using specific quantity optimization methods to obtain the optimal number of each crop item to plant on a piece land and the patterns in which they should be planted to obtain maximum yield of the various crops planted on the land (in the case of mixed cropping).

The solution being able to forecast weather conditions (it will be hooked to a meteorological system) will inform the farmer on impending weather conditions and actions to take to make the best use of the upcoming weather, this will also help to advise the farmer on the timing of his crop rotation so as to obtain optimal results.

The solution also being aware of the nutritional composition of the soil (of course through the previous land history, soil-tests and sensors) together with other obtained data as discussed above, will be able to recommend the best crops to plant on the piece of land, the best combination of crops to plant for mixed farming, the correct ratios in which they should be planted and also the sequence and timing of planting/harvesting crops for crop rotation.

The solution will be delivered over any browser enabled device; and if implemented will:
- Reduce the risk of the impending food crisis;
- Reduce the cost of farming operations while drastically increasing output; and
- Also make the best use of the constrained land so that the food demands of the world will be met.


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