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The Concept for Corgan was inspired as contracting codes begin to implement a plethora of green and health initiatives into per-existing regulations.Pavlich plans to introduce the product into the market to alleviate methane and fecal particles found within bathrooms while simultaneously preserving energy.

Corgan is a consumer product that has the ability to cross residential and commercial barriers. Some statistics surrounding commercial bathroom cleanliness include:

According to Harris Interactive survey,88% of respondents who visit restaurants agree that restroom cleanliness reflects the hygiene standards throughout the restaurant, including kitchen and food preparation areas.

According to a study by the International Sanitary Supply Association, 57% of restroom complaints come from unpleasant odor, Corgan has been proved to eliminate up to 90% more unpleasant odor than a typical bathroom toilet.

Introducing Corgan into corporate and residential establishments will eliminate bathroom odors and conserve energy based on the patented micro switch design.

Corgan plans to manufacture their product in united States, starting in Lorain County Ohio. The manufacture will but consumers back to work in which will help our economy get back on its feet. When Corgan starts production every commercial and residential building will be using our product from here on out.

Corgan will market its product nation wide from plumbing stores to your local do it your self chains stores. Our marketing strategy is a win win situation because the cost is in comparison to today's toilet but yet eliminates that unpleasant odor allowing people to feel comfortable in their own bathroom and public restroom as well.


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    Mark Pavlich
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    Creator and engineer of the Corgan Concept.Having over 30 years of professional work experience in the construction field, I have gained exceptional knowledge of general contracting from both a commercial and residential level.
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    Throughout my employment history I have demonstrated the ability to effectively manage construction projects, but has gained experience in market research for consumer products. This experience, combine with over 30 yeras of entrepreneurial practice has allowed me to create a construction firm and multiple patented designs for improving commercial and residential real estate. I enjoy making current products better for the consumer.
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