Catherina Square LV, Smart LED Lighting Solution

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Imagine that a light goes along with you, and that is always on the place where you really need it. This principle not only reduces power consumption, but also gives the impression of interactivity. Moreover, during the night, lighting fixtures provides accent decorative illumination just like a runway but in green. All major parameters are remotely adjustable, according to user needs. The entire installation is controlled by a central module that decides when the lighting is necessary. During the day, when there is sufficient ambient illumination, the fixtures are disconnected from the electrical supply and total consumption of the system is negligible (less than 1.5 W for whole installation).

The goal: Reduce electrical consumption and bring new experience

Significant reduction of greenhouse gas generation (CO2) by reducing electricity consumption has a positive impact on ecology. Using ecological, durable materials and technologies for long life products, the company is focusing to minimize the generation of waste in the future. FuturoLighting products have a long lifespan, and hence there is no need to replace them often.

Little bit technical, 95% electricity saving obtained

This system was installed at ON Semiconductor facility in Piestany, where 80 meter corridor was equipped with 17 Catherina Square LV fixtures. Fixtures are recessed type 300 x 300 mm with CCT 4000K, output >1850 lm, consumption 25 W, uDALI control gear. Central ambient control unit additionally includes uDALI interface for controlling of the fixture parameters like as maximum, minimum intensity, fade-in, fade-out times, accent illumination, etc. Whole system is powered by central two 240 W power supplies with high efficiency and long industrial life (over 10 years). Practically, electricity consumption drops from 89,9 kWh to 3,71 kWh per 10 testing days, reaching more than 95% electricity saving, this value can be influenced by system settings.


Application of motion sensors into individual fixtures with digital control, low voltage distribution network and central ambient sensor allowed to create illumination system, which covers not only energetic and ecology requirements but due to its minimalistic design satisfy esthetical and security aspects. Developed solution increased illumination level and decreased consumption of electrical energy in 95% comparing to previous installation. This result was achieved due to autonomous behavior of individual fixtures and used central ambient control unit. Additionally, shown solution improves user and operator comfort and is helpful to decrease criminal activity.

About FuturoLighting

FuturoLighting is a privately owned company based in Slovakia whose focus is on LED lighting solutions for all applications. We are certified partner of OSRAM in LED Light for you network and we are supporting our customers with developing and production of customized LED lighting solutions for demanding environments which also require high energy efficiency, long lifetime, and easy maintenance. For more information about FuturoLighting, its products and customizable solutions please visit our web page



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