VoAP (Voice-control over Appliances)

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People spend most of their time monitoring the household appliances to cater to their needs. Imagine yourself controlling the operation of home appliances without manually switching the buttons. For instance once you enter your bedroom, you realise that the air conditioner of your dining hall is left ON. Reverting back & switching it off manually is quite a reluctant option.

Rather instructing the appliances to switch to their different modes of operation verbally would be more convenient & comforting. This would also reduce the load of monitoring the necessary appliances simultaneously.

This embedded system application caters to the versatile control of necessary household appliances (ranging from air conditioners, television sets, fans etc.). The proposed device is controlled verbally to change the operational modes of general household appliances.

The device addresses the following issues:

1) This device will provide an easy accessibility to general house hold appliances like TV, AC, FANS, DOORS, etc.
2) The target audience can be any member of the family. The device, however, will be more helpful to house wives. They can control the general house hold appliances by their voice commands.
3) The device will also provide parental control for appliances such as TV, AC.
4) The device will be a great tool to minimize the power loss, due to our reluctance in switching of the power supplies manually.

The device is one time instalment and needs to be installed separately. The device can control most of the house hold appliances. Feasibility of the device can be tested and verified after installing in different homes and testing the output over a period of time. The feasibility of the device and its working will also be influenced by the number of members in the house.


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