Charge Your Mobile Phones on the Move

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In this ever dynamic world filled with fancy gadgets and e-savvy people, the current scenario sees a huge spending capacity of people in India. Due to huge geographical area of our country, people travel across the nation for various personal and professional reasons. Communication being a necessity, we tend to carry mobile phones with us. Most of us carry more than one mobile phone while travelling for various reasons; one among it is the mobile phones’ batteries get drained off while travelling. People travelling by roads and rail face a problem to charge their hand held mobile phones. Some of these public transport facilities have started fixing DC power sockets. But slow rate of implementation is troubling the passenger fraternity .


* There will be a small wind turbine.
* The blades will be connected to a small generator through a shaft fitted at it back .
* When you place the turbine near the window of your vehicle they rotate and thus rotates the generator generating the required DC voltage .
* The generated emf is passed through a circuit to control the voltage and current and fed to your mobile phone.
* Thus your mobile gets charged without the requirement of any plug point in public transport.

TARGET MARKET for my product

There is a huge market awaiting this product/technology/solution. Every mobile phone user starting from a person owning a rupee thousand mobile to rupees forty thousand mobile, doesn’t want to become handicapped when his mobile phone battery gets drained off. This product will leverage them to keep them connected to the world.
There are a whopping 94 crore mobile phone subscribers in India. Almost 80 crore of mobile phone users have the 94 crore subscriptions and they are the target market. Some of them are frequent travellers but some occasional. But every one finds the need of charging their handsets on the go. The product may be launched as a pilot project in few cities and then through channel partners and distributors to a larger customer base.


A step wise approach should be undertaken in order to successfully launch the product:
* Name of the product:
* Punch line for the product
* Brand’s logo
* Launch the product at right time: Festival time when people travel the most
* Collaborating with mobile phone majors to sell my product with their higher end phones
* Patent rights should be obtained
* Collaborating with some of the existing mobile service centres.
A good advertising campaign could generate the product demand
Once the product is successfully launched, ‘word of the mouth’ will take care of increasing the popularity of the product.
Launching various models to choose from will help customers to choose one product according to their requirements. Even this will help customer become confident about the product.


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