Automatic Table/Surface Cleaner

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For cleaning table surface in restaurant or home use.

Working Operation:
Device operation is powered by rechargable batteries and has connecting electricity power adaptor to connect to power plug. During recharging, its self pre-warming for steam elements thanks to automatic programmable system in order to save more battery energy. By pressing power & setting menu its moving in all directions of surface or table & by using side sensors it recognizes all surface dimensions in order to clean the whole surface and at the end of operation an alarm goes off to inform the user.

There are 4 cleaning rings. Exterior ring (4th ring) is designed to vacume dust. The 3rd ring is in charge of sparaying vapour to remove hand stains. The first & second ring is a sponge dry & wet to clean surface as best as possible. Four wheels are designed to make all directional movement. Moving speed orientation are programable for different surfaces.Two water & cleaner reservoir & dust bag plus two dry & wet ring are gattered to accomplish cleaning duty. According to variety size of table or surface.

This device is available in different sizes. As it is using top computer automation technology, by programming orders it can be set for daily /hourly operation work & can recharge itself and start working and back to its base charging place automatically when the whole surface is cleaned or battery charge is low and recharge refill water, cleaner itself and clean dust bag automatically.


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