Sky Food Plants

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As there is always high demand for food plants and the price for the good ground in some countries is too high there is always high demand for new food making technologies.

As the tropic regions and the deserts have very difficult ground conditions (temperature, humidity) and there is the high demand to save the local cultures and the forests you can put the fields higher up in the air to have the better conditions.

You can save the forests, decrease the use of gases on the ground, get much larger harvests from the tropic countries (you can get the stable harvest several times per year).

This is not so difficult and cheap enough. All the countries as from the Sahara region, India, China, Brazil and Philippines can get cheap natural vegetables and fruits to be concentrated on the local tasks.

Aerostat with the length of the 100m and 50m height can give you the 5 tones of the net load. As the weight of light grid could be just the 100 kg + 800 kg water tank and grounds + 100 kg of equipment the net load can be not less then 4 000 tons.

The entire system could cost about 100,000 euros.

Lets check an effect of using the grid to produce bananas.

If could you get up to 20 tons per year from the single grid and the price for the 1 kg of bananas is 50 cents, you can get the 10,000 /2 = 5 000 euros from the single grid per year so you can get your money back just in 10 years.

For better results you can use a larger grid and more aerostats/

Grid could be as horizontal so vertical.

You can combine the grid with air hotels with the perfect views - cheap, romantic and safe.

All the idea is covered by the laws of open licenses.


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