Baseball Cap Cell-Phone Charger & Flashlight

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The problem with cell-phone battery chargers on the market today is threefold. They either need to be plugged into a wall outlet with an adapter requiring a 110 VAC connection, plugged into a laptop, or use a cumbersome, stand-alone, encased solar panel with wires that needs to be carried separately everywhere. They all represent inconvenience and the need to carry something in order to charge a phone battery. The convenience of not having to carry adapters, laptops, or solar panels to charge a phone would be a major convenience for people in today's society. This invention eliminates all of the above making it convenient for charging any mobile phone anywhere. It consists of an elastic pocket attached to the underside of the cap brim allowing a cell phone to be inserted and held securely by an adapter cable located inside the pocket with micro USB, mini USB, and I-Phone connector. The phone is charged as the cap is being worn or the cap can be laid on a table or ground in direct sunlight as well to achieve the same result. This would eliminate the need for carrying anything as the cap can be worn while charging the phone or simply as a cap.

Solar films are feather-weight adding no noticeable weight increase in a standard baseball cap so the wearer is unaware that the cap contains anything at all. The solar film can also continuously charge a battery with adapter cable connections that can be removed to charge cell phones as well.

In addition, the cap may also contain an LED/Optic lighted display powered by built-in rechargeable coin cells for use as a utility flashlight or decorative graphic when desired.

Since the cap provides the mounting surface for the PV flexible film (i.e. no plastic hardware is needed to contain anything) the cost is reduced for production. Baseball caps of all sizes and shapes are extremely cost-effective to produce allowing increased convenience and accessibility to a solar charging platform. With billions of phones in circulation, the cap could provide a new long-awaited convenience for the "Green Energy" minded.


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