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ALADDIN is a wireless switch. ALADDIN is activated by any remote available and uses the beam Infra Red (IR) emitted, operating with LED (Light Emitting Diode).
ALADDIN replacing the existing wall switch is installed at the point of lighting the area you wish to control.
With only point to the switch and press ALADINO any button on the remote control, this will enable or disable the switch, allowing the light on or off the premises, or on and off the computer to be controlled remotely.
ALADINO gives living comfort. It is advisable to avoid getting up to turn off the light when I sleep and fatigue has overcome by ensuring their health to put your feet on the cold floor.
ALADDIN is highly recommended for elderly people that causes them bodily discomfort or coming up on or off the light in the room. ALADDIN is recommended in cases that are heard noises in the house and want to turn on the lights to make sure all is well. ALADDIN is necessary for people with mobility problems and for children who do not reach the height of conventional switches.
ALADDIN has several applications such as ignition or conventional fluorescent fixture, energy saving bulbs, LED bulbs, fans, small machines, motors, electric door opener, White goods.
From a distance of 0 meters to 4 meters it is possible to activate ALADINO and comes in special versions of distances up to 10 meters. For special cases such as parking lots, lots, garages, warehouses, there is a special ALADINO activated until a distance of 40 meters.
ALADDIN can also turn on or off manually with just the touch of a button on the front.
ALADDIN has all the international standards of protection against over voltage, over current, and the drivers for installation comply with national standards of electrical installations RETIE
ALADDIN comes in two models for ceiling and wall. ALADDIN is designed in three models to direct 12V, 120 and 220 volts AC. ALDINO also comes in two models of electronic load control or over. Can be connected loads from 0.25 amps to 10 amps according to the selected model.
The installation of the switches ALADDIN, are done by our personnel so that the guarantee of one (1) year, is covered in full.
ALADDIN is very economical investment and minimal power consumption (20mW / h) compared with other switches that use different technologies.
Visit our website and find ALADDIN product information, installation and fault correction table in the system.


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