Passcode Keeper

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As a computer person, I am inundated with various passwords and userids that I need to keep. I hate paper, so the best I can do is keep the password on a document. I don’t like to store the document on the cloud, because I am afraid someone will hack in and steal the document.
I am sure, I am not the only one, because I know lots of non-technical people who have the same issue. Every website that we login to, requires a userid and password.
I have done some research and found paper versions, but no electronic versions.

My idea is to start small, the first prototype would be to allow the user to enter the website, userid and password.
Second prototype would be to plug in to the computer and it will learn and capture the userid, website and password.
• I suggest a $10-20 entry fee for the card
• Distribute to general consumer market
• Maybe a card with storage and USB to plug in to computer


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    Edmond Melkomian
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    Reading and science fiction
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    I hate the current procedures at doctor's offices. It seems the technicians are struggling.
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