LED Torch with Acupressure points

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Torch with Acupressure points.
INDIA is one of the biggest consumers of Torches. And in India the biggest users of Torches are the poor security guard, farmers, villagers and the peoples who are still too far away from the electricity. These people are so busy in their day to day earnings that they are not having any time or money for any kind of exercises or health workouts.
Keeping their financial position & health in mind we designed a new LED Torch product called.

A Torch with Acupressure points

This torch is designed with acupressure points on its body.
• It increases the blood circulation in hand.
• In emergency security guards can also use it as a rod (as it is having sharp acupressure point so it works more effectively on thieves than a rod).
• Design of this product is such that it can be easily manufactured from the injection mold. A simple injection mold with 2 sliders can make this product. So its cost will be at par to the other available LED torches in the market.
• This product is very useful for people.


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