Easy Cut, Store & Throw

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What have we designed?
A simple easy-to-use tabletop kitchen gadget that makes cutting easy. This gadget allows users to separate cutting waste from the usable product. Our gadget has a frame on which users can place their cutting board. There is a roll of plastic bags below the frame from which bags can be pulled out in the direction of the user. A bag that is pulled out can be hooked to a rim that holds the mouth of the bag open. The user can cut the vegetables on the board and push the debris into the bag. A similar setup is present on the other side of the frame, except, on this side the bags are a roll of resealable plastic bags that can be used to collect the cut vegetables and store them safely, thus separating the useful stuff from the debris into two separate bags.

There are going to be two rolls of bags under the workbench. The design for replacing bag rolls have been shown in illustrations. They are similar to the rolls that are used almost everywhere and hence easy to obtain/manufacture.

We can make the frame in plastic to reduce the weight of the equipment while its size can be reduced by having foldable legs. The semi-circular rim that supports the bag will also fold along with the legs. The frame that supports the board can be extended so that boards of different widths or even multiple boards can be placed based on the requirement.

Who can use it?
The product description that we have given in the previous section has taken on a specific case of vegetable cutting. However, this gadget can be used in almost any scenario that involves any kind of work on a workbench and requires easy splitting of debris from useful material.

How can we market it?
We believe that this gadget will be useful to a lot of people. The fact that the working area of this gadget only has a frame and the user has to place the workbench (cutting board) over it, the user is free to switch different working boards for different functions. This provides customizability and increases the scope of use of this gadget at home.

As we have previously discussed the bags are easily available and the entire set up would not be a very costly equipment to manufacture. The fact that the legs are foldable will increase packing efficiency and hence easy transport/storage.


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    Madhavun Candadai
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    Shiv Shailendar
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