Salsa Saucer: A Better Way To Enjoy

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The salsa market is in a recession. The only options are glass jars that do not adequately solve the issue of consuming the recommended weekly serving of salsa. Glass is used simply because it has a larger shelf life, allowing grocery stores to stock items longer if they do not sell. Longer shelf life means more time at room temperature, and more opportunity for wonderful, fresh salsa to lose its zest. Additionally, the glass standard requires use of another receptacle for salsa distribution as the jar is simply not large enough. This process creates significant problems for the average salsa consumer: an extra bowl must be used if there is any prospect of communal salsa ingestion, and secondly, the bowl must be washed after salsa consumption.

A bowl requires about two cups of water to clean by hand. According to Businessweek, 271 million jars of salsa were sold by the top supplier in 2010. This is 33,875,000 gallons of water going to waste every year cleaning salsa bowls. The solution to all of these problems is the Salsa Saucer.

The Salsa Saucer is a state-of-the-art, half-sphere salsa dispenser. The Salsa Saucer is easy: purchase, open, and party. The Salsa Saucer is environmentally friendly: recycle the entire package when complete. The Salsa Saucer is smart: replace the cap and store in the fridge if, somehow, the edible gift is not fully consumed. The Salsa Saucer is putting the "fun" back into party fundamentals.


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