Sustaining Agriculture

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The Renewable Energy Hydrogen Systems have been used to produce power. However, the most valuable component of such systems for rural farmers is the water by product. When configured onto a mobile system, the RE Hydrogen System allows farmers to bring the resources to the fields in need of water and to use the power for vehicles, machinery or other farm resources - on or off the grid. This overcomes lack of transmission or local power plants in rural areas and lack of water during drought. By mounting the systems on commonly available agricultural trailers, the systems not only become mobile, but also, do not violate agricultural preservation restrictions where present. Because the systems are mobile, they can be moved if necessary from field to field. Removing tires from the system while in operation gives further stability - and insures less wear on the tires.

System as described is an innovative adaptive use of hydrogen power to farming and rural needs. It saves costly transmission and power extensions while allowing for localized power generation. Components can be operated separately or in system and wind and solar can be utilized in accordance with site's specific insolation or wind resources (and if used together with hydrogen can provide baseline power allowing farm to operate independent of any grid).

Multiple trailers can be utilized as part of the system as needed for either water or power needs. Use of flatbeds allows for construction of the trailer on site, if required. Such trailers provide both strength and stability as well as mobility. System components are readily available and economical allowing for easy assembly and once turned on, become self-sustaining - making them ideal for rural use.

Diagram provided shows how system is configured for use. Individual systems would be configured in accordance with local renewable resources for wind or solar or both and the needs of the user for water, electricity or hydrogen. System thus can grow or be modified as user's needs change.


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