Adjustable Weight Lifting Barbell

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Trade Marked as the All American Fitness Bar, this handheld full body muscle building exercise barbell is the greatest advancement, in 200 years, for the free weight exercise community. Unlike conventional straight barbells, this bar is curved around the body, to maintain uniform balance. This also allows standard disc shaped weights to be mounted on each end of the bar. Two handles are located near the longitudinal center of the bar, that are adjustable, to allow for targeting specific muscle groups in the hands, arms, shoulders, chest, abdomen, back, buttocks, legs, ankles, and feet. Each handle is adjustable to allow symmetrical and asymmetrical changes in gravitational load on each side of the users body. The distance between each hand, and the rotational angles of the wrists, forearms, and shoulders can be changed while maintaining the center of gravity, of the weight bar, about the center of gravity of the human body, during lower body and upper body exercises. This allows for more efficient rehabilitation of disabled persons in wheel chairs because they don't have to use several different bars to achieve the same results with this one bar. This new bar is significantly safer to use because the vertebrae in the back of the neck are not subject to be impacted when the bar is placed behind the head.


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