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A 50-terabyte device that stores data on polyester based film chips. The chips may be re-written in unused areas until all space is utilized. Any film chip with data no matter whether it is full or not may be read at any time, any number of time's non-destructively. A cartridge to plug-in the rear of the device is to supply new film chips. The resolution of data storage is 1 micron per bit. Device maintains an electronic index of data.

Data and Power are transmitted wireless within the device, there are no moving or sliding cables to wear then become an intermittent need to be replaced.

Wireless interface is 802, Bluetooth compatible. Encryption and SHA security may be enabled.

The device may work for up to eight hours without outside power, then may be recharged within fifteen minutes. Contains new-style battery.

Data may be copied selectively from a data chip to another chip then the old chip may be discarded, and a new chip replaces the discarded chip. UL/CA Wall transformer power supply.


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