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Revolutionary CoolAnywhere 3 in 1 Laptop Sleeve, Lap Desk, and Cooling Stand combines 3 basic useful functions into one simple thin solution for growing mobile e-office, that not only protects your laptop, but also allows you to operate comfortably everywhere you go.

What is a tablet now? A device for reading the eBooks! A device for internet surfing & checking our emails! A game console!

Wait!? I've had all of these facilities! I need something different! But now I must pay more money for the portable and wireless capabilities!

Does anyone remember the incident when the Miami Heat “cheated” because a shot clock violation was called, even when the ball hit the rim?

This is why we need an automatic shot clock!

I know that this has already been invented by Spalding,

The present day cars require a lot of human interaction with respect to driving the vehicle safely. In this paper,

Meter readers are an essential part of a power company's structure. These companies really on these workers as an important asset for determining the power consumption of their customers. Once they asses how much energy a customer has consumed, they then charge the customer the appropriate rate.

Birds are susceptible to noise as are other animals such as dogs, deer, etc. The object of this concept is to develop a low/high frequency generator and antenna system which can be integrated onto an aircraft which does not interfere with existing operating systems.

In process control and industrial automation the electronics are built into panels. For safety reasons these panels must be closed in order to operate.

The built in smartphone projector eliminates the need for additional devices to be purchased or attached to the smartphone.

The benefits allow a smartphone owner to have easy access to projecting video, pictures, presentations, movies,

The CASP Controller (Cascading Array of Sequenced Power), more specifically an ATX computer power supply controller, is a "motherboard invisible" means for providing supplemental ATX electrical power (AUX +5 and +12 VDC) to peripheral devices.

The range of devices being broad, such as liquid cooling appliances (over clocked systems),

1. Purpose of the compensator
Low efficiency of existing electrical grid consists in too big energy losses and low power quality at all levels of the grid. It is estimated that 90% of grid disturbances are provoked by voltage sags and interruptions of duration less than one second.

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