Simpler, Lighter & Better
Revolutionary CoolAnywhere 3 in 1 Laptop Sleeve, Lap Desk, and Cooling Stand combines 3 basic useful functions into one simple thin solution for growing mobile e-office, that not only protects your laptop, but also allows you to operate comfortably everywhere you go. It opens a door to redesign 3 separated products.

Keeps Your Legs & Your Laptop Cool & Easy
CoolAnywhere 3 in 1 laptop Sleeve keeps your laptop—and your lap—cool and comfortable, whether you’re working, gaming, browsing, sharing, traveling or shopping. It reduces heat to help your legs stay comfortable and your laptop running at its best.

Real Portability Save Space Inside Your Gear—Backpack, Duffle Bag, Briefcase, Luggage & Box
It is difficult ...

What is a tablet now? A device for reading the eBooks! A device for internet surfing & checking our emails! A game console!

Wait!? I've had all of these facilities! I need something different! But now I must pay more money for the portable and wireless capabilities! OK my idea maybe changes these conditions and make the tablets be a better device on your hands with too much power and abilities!

A 3D tablets can scan objects around its view points and make a paint clouds from that and it can save those points as a standard format files like the "*Stl, *3ds, *obj" so product designers and the engineers can use this scanned file and they can import ...

Does anyone remember the incident when the Miami Heat “cheated” because a shot clock violation was called, even when the ball hit the rim?

This is why we need an automatic shot clock!

I know that this has already been invented by Spalding, but their shot clock has many problems, and its sales have not been successful because of this.

What was wrong with it?

-It did not sense net shots (swish)
-It picked up backboard hits, just as it would pick up rim hits
-Manual controls were difficult to reach

How did I solve it? I simply made a device that would

-Sense net shots with a laser beam
-Ignore backboard hits and only sense rim hits
-Have ...

The present day cars require a lot of human interaction with respect to driving the vehicle safely. In this paper, an idea is discussed which can be used to develop an automated car which can be operated by the user just by clicking on the user interface thereby avoiding the strain of driving. This automated car also has a special feature of multiple degrees of freedom in terms of movement making the maneuverability much easier. This car can move in any angle with the help of the mecanum wheels. The direction and the speed of the vehicle can be controlled by the user just by clicking on the user interface. The cameras installed in the car can automatically ...

Meter readers are an essential part of a power company's structure. These companies really on these workers as an important asset for determining the power consumption of their customers. Once they asses how much energy a customer has consumed, they then charge the customer the appropriate rate. The use of these employees to collect information on power consumption is an inefficiency that can be easily eliminated. By automating this data collection these companies stand to save a lot of resources that can be deployed in other areas.

Power meters could have a cell modem installed into them for low cost. These cell modems can transmit small bits of data - similar to a text message. These signals ...

Birds are susceptible to noise as are other animals such as dogs, deer, etc. The object of this concept is to develop a low/high frequency generator and antenna system which can be integrated onto an aircraft which does not interfere with existing operating systems. The system would be similar to a car horn or deer whistle, which announces the approach of the car or in this case, an aircraft.

The system would consist of an antenna and a preprogrammed signal generator that has been programmed to transmit signals found to be the best deterrent to the types of birds found in a particular area of aircraft operation. The type of birds found at various airports varies from North to ...

In process control and industrial automation the electronics are built into panels. For safety reasons these panels must be closed in order to operate. That makes debugging and monitoring operation under real-world circumstances impossible since the instruments like multi-meters and oscilloscopes cannot be brought out of the panel. Also on installations like windmills or electric towers, personnel have to operate their test equipment in a difficult and sometimes dangerous physical environment. BluDAQ is designed to address these needs by allowing signals to be measured within the panel (or up a tower) and transmit the telemetry to a tablet via wireless communication.

I have designed and prototyped a data acquisition unit that mounts internal to a panel on a standard ...

The built in smartphone projector eliminates the need for additional devices to be purchased or attached to the smartphone.

The benefits allow a smartphone owner to have easy access to projecting video, pictures, presentations, movies, various "on-the-go" moments that typically are not available for the majority of smartphone owners.

The idea is an improvement and competitive compelling advantage over existing smartphones and additional devices as it becomes a smarter smartphone with the additional benefit it offers.

Positioned near the camera or on the edge for easier handling, the added hardware and software components would be manufactured in the same fashion as existing allowing smartphone manufacturers the ability to offer the added feature without compromising added costs or limited space.


The CASP Controller (Cascading Array of Sequenced Power), more specifically an ATX computer power supply controller, is a "motherboard invisible" means for providing supplemental ATX electrical power (AUX +5 and +12 VDC) to peripheral devices.

The range of devices being broad, such as liquid cooling appliances (over clocked systems), hard drive arrays (populated servers), multiple GPU and display drivers (HPC & Workstations), in addition to RAID, COMM, Audio and Video Capture cards, to USB controllers. In addition, the CASP Controller is capable of controlling via dry contacts, additional electrical current (Amps) capacity via the smooth isolated sequenced “stepping” of the attached ATX power supplies.

Providing greater electrical isolation between peripheral devices, reducing the opportunity for propagating electrical failures, mitigate ...

1. Purpose of the compensator
Low efficiency of existing electrical grid consists in too big energy losses and low power quality at all levels of the grid. It is estimated that 90% of grid disturbances are provoked by voltage sags and interruptions of duration less than one second. Such interruptions of power supply cause significant losses at manufacturing processes and disturb operations of information systems. The efficiency can be improved by providing for optimal energy flows at the grid and compensation of voltage sags and interruptions.

An efficient way to improve the energy flows at the grid and to reduce losses caused by the voltage sags and interruptions is to use a compensator developed as energy/power flow controllers including ...

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