Electricity Tracker

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My product is smaller than a clock and can be used by all people who are currently using electricity as their main source of energy. My product will eliminate overuse of electricity and save money. My simple device will convert the kilowatts being used by a home or business into up to the minute dollar amounts. Basically a person who posses my device will always know and monitor how much money is being spent on electricity before their bill is issued. Imagine being able to monitor your electricity use and cost whenever you want. With this simple but practical device families will be able to stop a problem dead in it's tracks by monitoring their energy usage. My device will be in the appearance or a clock however instead of counting time it will be converting kilowatts into dollar amounts. This product is great for people who wish to conserve energy and money. My product will be very affordable and inexpensive to mast produce. The consumer will plug in my product and it gauge how many kilowatts are currently being used and it will automatically convert them into dollar amounts. The device will be able to be adjusted to ensure up to date energy costs. The consumer will be able to walk in their home look at my device and know exactly how much money they have spent in electrical energy. My product will enable consumers to conserve energy and save money without all the additions and subtractions.


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