Bird Avoidance System

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Birds are susceptible to noise as are other animals such as dogs, deer, etc. The object of this concept is to develop a low/high frequency generator and antenna system which can be integrated onto an aircraft which does not interfere with existing operating systems. The system would be similar to a car horn or deer whistle, which announces the approach of the car or in this case, an aircraft.

The system would consist of an antenna and a preprogrammed signal generator that has been programmed to transmit signals found to be the best deterrent to the types of birds found in a particular area of aircraft operation. The type of birds found at various airports varies from North to South and East to West and from Country to Country. The generation of the signals could be tied to the Radar altimeter, which automatically activates and deactivates the system as it passes through 10,000 feet above sea level during take-offs and landings where most bird strikes occur. This eliminates the need for the aircrew to remember to turn it on or off.


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