The Omeguitar Project: The Ultimate Digital Song-Training Accessory

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Today there are keyboard synthesizers in the market that come with built-in MIDI song libraries and light-up keys to teach you how to play basic songs, but currently there is no such device for string instruments. This is not only the very first guitar equivalent but it is also portable, adaptable to any popular guitar model, and compatible with a virtually infinite library of songs. This is the Omeguitar Project: The ultimate digital song-training accessory.

The goal of this accessory is to minimize the frustrations and hassles of the steep learning curve required to learn how to play the guitar. It is rapidly becoming a current trend for digital electronics to synthesize with the music industry, and this product is a result of Electrical Engineering and a passion for music working together to revolutionize the way people learn and develop musical talent.

-Capable of converting of converting any MIDI file into digital music tablature
-Portable and battery-powered
-Compatible with popular standard 24-fret electric and acoustic guitars
-Does not interfere with instrument quality or player technique
-SD Card compatible
-Bluetooth wireless foot pedal allows switching from real time to incremental time and tempo change

Project includes:
-A 6x13 grid of LED's to create a visual representation of the open string and first twelve finger locations of a guitar neck.
-A Menu selection module to switch between a list of MIDI tracks stored on a standard SD card.
-A wireless foot pedal for playback options


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  • Name:
    Anthony Lalama
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  • Anthony's favorite design and analysis tools:
    Visual Studio Professional, MATLAB, Wolfram Alpha, MultiSim, Quartus II
  • Anthony's hobbies and activities:
    ole-Playing Games, Electric Guitar, Piano, Biking
  • Anthony is inspired by:
    Casio released a keyboard had had a small library of MIDI songs that would light up if you wanted to learn a certain track of the song. I thought this was a brilliant idea for visual learners and I always wanted to have an equivalent for string instruments.
  • Software used for this entry:
    Microsoft Visual Studio, Atmel Studio, C++
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