3D Scanner Tablet

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What is a tablet now? A device for reading the eBooks! A device for internet surfing & checking our emails! A game console!

Wait!? I've had all of these facilities! I need something different! But now I must pay more money for the portable and wireless capabilities! OK my idea maybe changes these conditions and make the tablets be a better device on your hands with too much power and abilities!

A 3D tablets can scan objects around its view points and make a paint clouds from that and it can save those points as a standard format files like the "*Stl, *3ds, *obj" so product designers and the engineers can use this scanned file and they can import them to the modeling software such as Solidworks and Catia or 3d_MAX and use those files for re-engineer processes or repairing and replacing actions! Also the artists or other people like the tourists will be able to scan the historical objects and so they don't lose enjoying them after ending of their trips! Now they have a 3D scanned file of each object on their pockets and they can produce a copy of them by 3D printers.

I think both engineers and artists populations still waiting for a device like the “Portable 3D scanner tablets."


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    Ali Farahmand
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