Roll Top Electronic Newspaper

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Periodic press in newspaper has generated a lot of papers in the world just for readers’ appetite. In order to preserve our eco system where we stay now, paperless is quite often one of the ways we adopt.

In order to reduce production of paper and ink, Roll Top Electronic Newspaper is the future way to gain the latest worldwide information. The gadget is a portable device in a film form (about 1 mm thick) that is ultra flexible enough to be rollable and enclosed in a cylindrical container which enables easier carriage. It uses flexible touch screen technology to enable reader browsing, copying, filing and other information managements.

This gadget adopts flex circuit technology which uses a matrix array of thin laminated silver and/or copper circuits on the backbone of polymer resin. Colorful “E ink” technology as used in Amazon’s Kindle and Sony Portable Reader is adopted. Besides, “Cloud” technology is utilized to refresh the daily content. There is also micro hard disc for storage up to 5 TB information. Excess information can be stored into iCloud. OLED is used for flexible display.

Most of the electronic products nowadays are using lithium ion battery for operation. One of the weaknesses is this battery easily loses its capacity and needs to be recharged frequently. The distinct advantage of this gadget is its capability of harnessing the heat generated during operation to regenerate electricity through embedded MEMS.

Roll Top Electronic Newspaper is anticipated to bring great renovation in the media through which people will be getting the latest news and information. Next time, you will not stain your hand with ink after reading the newspaper!


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