Live Stage Performance at Home

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This system will allow you to feel and enjoy the experience of real stage performance while being at home. The subject could be any song or a piece of orchestra available from any source, such as the audio output of T.V., cassette / tape recorder, record player, CD player, i-pod or the radio set.

The present advanced instrument keyboard system available is based on synthesis technology on which there are many individual modules of different instrument notes which can be selected and played. These same respective modules can be used to filter and isolate the respective sounds from the subject song including the male and female voices and can be individually amplified and fed to different individual speakers. These speakers can be arranged on one side of the hall typically as shown in the attached sketch or as one may wish to get the required effect ( and not limited to the instruments as seen in the sketch). The level of sounds of these speakers can also be set as preferred. The sound of each instruments coming separately from each speaker being placed at different locations would give the effect as if these instruments are actually being played in front of you from those positions.

Presently Hi-Fi system, 5.1 Channel Home Theater System etc. are available where many sound are produced from the same speakers. Whereas the above system will give pure uncluttered sounds from each speaker where fine subtle pieces of music can be distinctly heard with high fidelity . This would be more appealing and enjoyable. This can be played individually, in group of music lovers or gathering on merry making occasions.

Lot of old and rare classic music are recorded on phonographic record plates (Polyvinyl chloride) which are worn out due to use and cannot be played with the original sounds due to scratches. These can be played on the above proposed system and the original sound can be retrieved and rerecorded where the 'Noise' due to scratches get totally eliminated.


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