Portable Passive Microwave Radar Imager

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The passive microwave imager radar design concept for the majikatek passive microwave imager unit. The portable passive microwave radar imager is designed to be used in the field under all weather conditions to do real time full motion imaging through materials much like ground pentrating radar but in real time with full view imaging capabilities.The proposed design has video radar imaging capability for full motion radar video. The unit uses electronic micro chip monolithic microwave intagrated circuit module technology and is an electronic phased array rather then large electro mechanical discrete component design with mechanical scanning. Much like the microchip has revolutionized computers they can also revolutionize radar technology. By using a chip design the majikatek passive microwave radar imager can be made handheld rather then on a truck.The passive design is more energy efficient and lighter then an active radar design so it can be hand carried and run on a battery pack rather then on a large energy grid. By using a passive 10ghz design or 94 ghz design one can achieve fairly high resolution in real time because it is an electronicaly scanned phased array passive radar unit. Much like a field workstation all the parts are integrated into one enclosure rather than multiple components on the back of a truck. The majikatek passive radar imagor also has internet capability via wi fi digital link module and Ethernet connections and dial up connections.


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