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SmartWaY is a project whose main objective is the creation of accessible and affordable solutions for vehicle diagnostics using the latest technologies.

Required components:
- Bluetooth OBD2-adapter (required for data transmission from the Electronic Control Unit vehicle to a smartphone),
- Smartphone with Android (iOS or WP8 in the future),
- The software for the smartphone (development currently in progress).

Description of the general structure of the project.
1. The user purchases a kit consisting of OBD2-adapter ($15–$50) and the application for the smartphone (the app will be available on all major mobile stores). The application involves the interaction with an OBD2 adapter through Bluetooth connection.
2. Once the mobile application is installed, the user gets access to the registration system for collecting statistics on the automobile (a web service with social functions).
3. After installing the hardware and software the interaction of the smartphone with on-board computer starts (getting data from various on-board computer: information from sensors, errors)
4. Periodically, the data is sent to the server (if the user is logged in), and statistics are updated. This branch of the project allows users to communicate with each other (within a web service), to compete by various parameters (the most economical, fastest, most accurate driver etc.). The same web service will support the "Personal Account" in which the users can obtain statistical and diagnostic information of their cars. For example, information about fuel consumption within a day, plan for maintenance procedure, recommendations for most efficient driving style.
5. The app will use location-based data, making it possible to produce an analysis of the route (for traffic control systems). It is also possible the introduction of emergency service (if the vehicle is involved in an accident, then the application will send a signal to the coordinates of the vehicle in emergency service).

This project has a high marketing potential. The target audience are budget and middle class car owners. Using SmartWaY a car owner would save significant financial resources that could be spent on relatively expensive diagnostics.


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