Built in Smartphone Projector

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The built in smartphone projector eliminates the need for additional devices to be purchased or attached to the smartphone.

The benefits allow a smartphone owner to have easy access to projecting video, pictures, presentations, movies, various "on-the-go" moments that typically are not available for the majority of smartphone owners.

The idea is an improvement and competitive compelling advantage over existing smartphones and additional devices as it becomes a smarter smartphone with the additional benefit it offers.

Positioned near the camera or on the edge for easier handling, the added hardware and software components would be manufactured in the same fashion as existing allowing smartphone manufacturers the ability to offer the added feature without compromising added costs or limited space.

By combining production with standard production, costs would be minimized allowing the lowest potential costs to the consumer.

As consumers want more from their smartphones and desire better apps, better features and more creative ways to simplify and enrich their lives, this added feature would yield the ultimate flexibility and enjoyment for capturing the moment at home on the wall to business users offering that last minute projection with minimal preperation.


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    Doug Hardesty
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    Inventing, drawing, sports, building things, taking things apart to learn how they work.
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    I see challenges as opportunites with new products. This inspires creativity to find better ways to do things.
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