The Hydraulic Adapter for Electric Drills

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Almost every household and service station has an electric drill. A drill’s function is restricted to drilling holes, screwing bolts in and out, or similar processes.
We ask you this question: Would you like to expand your drill’s application to a wider range of functions? If your answer is "YES"!!!, then we can offer you an additional multiple-purpose device called The Hydraulic Adapter. The Hydraulic Adapter allows you to convert your electric drill into an effective liquid dispenser of various water solutions, water-oil emulsions, or paints.

The proposed Hydraulic Adapter was developed on the basis of a unique vibratory cavitation technique and is US patented. We have also built other hydraulic pumps and sprayers for wide technical applications based on the vibratory cavitation technology.

The Hydraulic Adapter’s design is simple, safe in operation, and the cost of its manufacture and maintenance is low. So, the profitability and safety much exceed those of classical diaphragm- and piston-like pumps and dispensers.

Fig.1 shows the Hydraulic Adapter coupled with an electric drill making a convenient device for dispersing liquids in household and commercial application.

In the absence of an electric drill the Hydraulic Adapter can work in manual mode. For this purpose a hand lever is applied and easily affixed to an axle (2). When the axle is rotating by means of the hand lever, the liquid from a reservoir (6) dispenses through a nozzle (5). The higher the speed of rotation, the faster a dispersive stream of liquid is forced out of the nozzle. Certainly, in a manual mode the power of the hydraulic adapter is lower than that of an electric drill. With an electric drill the regulation of speed of rotation controls the capacity of the hydraulic adapter from 100 to 400 ml/min.Specifications:

1. Electric drill, motor- DC Motor 14- 18 Volt; Load Speed 0 -1300RPM
2. dapter driving shaft
3. The protective cage of the adapter
4. The auxiliary handle
5. Nozzle head
6. The Container Capacity – 32 Ounces; Adapter Productivity (max) – 400 ml/min
7. The battery-12-18 Volt
- Its wide range of capacity of dispersion depends on a rate of rotation of the driving shaft and the viscosity of the liquid.
- Production cost of the Adapter is extremely small and that fact makes this device rather attractive due to the cost to the mass consumer.

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