FAM - Auto Fencer

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Fencing Automation Machine(FAM)
Machine for Erecting/Fixing Paling Planks to a Pre-Erected Wooden Fence Frame

My proposal is to Design & Build a machine or “Automation/Tool – The FAM” to help & aid a fence builder, Construct Paling Type Fences in quite varying terrains. Having the flexibility to suit quite a range of landscapes where the builder at the time of proposing his quotation to the customer, will determine if the machine can be utilized for this particular construction job.

The intended path of travel for the “FAM” requires the operator to clear away any loose debris, e.g. rocks, timber pieces, metal, bottles or mounds of dirt/sand or the like that could disrupt the intended function of the machine. This machine will be (P.L.C) Programmable Logic Controlled. It will be Pre-programmed to perform certain functions out on sites. It will require 240 volt AC electricity supply to energies the electrics including robust electronics, electric motors, Air Compressor to power the Pneumatic elements that maneuvers the machine.

At an early stage of quotation process the Fencing Contractor will determine if the site is suitable for the use of this machine aid. This machine will require proximity, force/load, positioning and leveling sensing incorporated in its design. It will also have a Tracking correction capability for it’s steering system to keep it on the correct path for the fence to be built accurately. This machine will be fitted out with a control panel for maneuvering, setting up and working the machine.

The FAM will run in a “Semi-automatic mode” once the operator has set it ready correctly, where the onboard control system will determine when it requires more timber Paling loaded into its holding area or other consumables. Lights & audible warnings will get the operator’s attention when required. The FAM will have minimal disruptions while in operation until the job is complete.

The FAM will have the capabilities to determine various adjustment required be made throughout the duration of the job. See below a brief outline of benefits the FAM will create.
Essentially a Tool/Machine for Speeding the production of Wooden Paling Fences.

*Reduce time to build a Paling Fence.
*Reduce Labor costs.
*Considerable cost savings obtained.
*Increase throughput of number of fences per week /year.
*Eliminate some Repetitive processes / Steps.
*Improve O.H.S of operators.
*Maintain Accuracy & good quality output of Fence.
i) Consistency in Appearance. (Parallelism).
ii) Uniform spacing of Paling Planks. (Location).
iii) Palings firmly nailed in place.
Surface Terrain to Function on.
*Concrete Paths or Driveways.
*Paved Areas.
*Building Site with Slightly uneven ground surface.
*Sloped Surfaces. Approx. From 0 to 20 Deg.
*Ease of Transportation & Maneuvering the (FAM) on & off Work site.
*Ease of Setting-up (FAM).
*Ease of Operating the (FAM).
*Ease of Loading Palings into the (FAM).
*Ease of Loading Nails into the Nail Guns on the(FAM).
Maintenance and Serviceability.
* Ease of Servicing the Unit.
Thank you for your consideration of my proposal.


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