Vortex Oscillatory Mill

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Existing devices for hashing, crushing, separation, acceleration of heat transfer and other technological processes of vortical, vibrating, planetary centrifugal and other types have a number of serious disadvantages.

We know how to create intensive vortical and oscillatory motions of the processed environment by means of mechanical oscillations of the special form (KNOW HOW)
The basic advantages of vortex oscillatory mill in comparison with analogues:
1. Centrifugal acceleration of rotating particles of the processed environment is many times higher. The centrifugal acceleration by up to 7000g and higher can be obtained. As a result the speed and level of crushing are higher.
2. Simultaneous processing of all volume of environment with big vibrations and velocity gradients inside the volume of environment. It leads to uniformity of processing of environment and increase of speed of processing in several times.
3. Absence of crushing bodies (spheres, cores, needles, etc.) and rotating bodies (blades, etc.), that leads to reduction of process cost and increase of cleanliness of a product, allows to create a highly effective mill for reception of micro powders.
4. The reactor does not rotate.
5. There is no emission of gas or liquid from the reactor.
6. A great speed of processing of environment.
7. Low power expenses for a unit of the processed environment.
8. Simplicity of maintenance.
9. Smaller sizes and smaller weight

investments in mill start paying off from 18 months from the beginning of investment in R&D. Profit after 3.5 years will be around 375 million dollars.

See our presentation http://www.vortexosc.com/images/pdf/millEng.pdf


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