Household Filter Biogas

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Biogas is one of the alternative energies that has been widely applied to the community, especially for the farm. Of the various types of gas contained in the biogas, methane is the energy source with a composition ranging from 40-70%. If the concentration of methane in the biogas called ”filter biogas.” Such a device shaped cylindrical tube containing absorbent based solid materials locally Indonesia. Absorbing material made of solid materials based on local natural zeolites Indonesia that has been activated and modified with other materials which improving the performance of biogas which can be converted into electrical energy. This absorbing material has multi-adsorption capacity of nearly all types of biogas impurity gas to increase the levels of methane in the biogas for 5-20% of the initial methane levels. When biogas through a filter that has been converted into electricity using a generator, it can increase the energy conversion efficiency of the generator and reduce the potential for corrosion in the engine. Besides absorbing material can be developed / used for further purification of various gases as a pollutant (causes of air pollution), for examples in the chimney of the factory, motor vehicles and others.

Tool to increase the levels of methane in the biogas by cleaning biogas from impurity gases. Biogas passed through cylindrical tube-shaped instrument that containsabsorbent material, material that was used based local Indonesian solid. Not only to improve the performance of biogas, it could improve performance / energy efficiency in the conversion of biogas into electrical energy.

1. Absorbent materials have the ability as multi-adsorption against all impurity gases in biogas.
2. Concentration of methane in the biogas can be increased by 5-20% of the initial methane levels.
3. Biogas that was filtrated can be converted into electricity by using gen-set and it can improve the efficiency of energy conversion.
4. Reduce the corrosion potential on the stove or other energy conversion machines.
5. Can be developed for further purification of various pollutants gases that causing air pollution, both in the factory chimneys, motor vehicles, etc.



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