Linear Motion Systems for Aluminum Profile

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I have proposed a system of linear motion modules used only for light commercial applications.

Wherever there is a need to displacement light parts at higher speeds, in assembly lines, packaging lines, in positioning systems and many other applications.

Technology which is used to perform a 3D printing (FDM) ABS material. The basic elements that ensure accurate linear motion, this linear bearings type UU and guide bars.

Through the use of ABS, can reduce significantly the mass movable elements. This can be used in two ways. The use of smaller motors propulsion, or increase the feed speed.

In addition, using 3D printing we have the possibility to adapt linear motion for device, and not vice versa.

An example of what is proposed is a linear system of aluminum profiles. More examples at

Of course, the possibilities are many, depends only on the needs and imagination of the constructor.

Using an industrial 3D printer with high performance, the price is about 1/4 less than the parts made on CNC machines.



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