The Pedal Mower

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The Pedal Mower crosses the problematic bridge and solves several problems- rising fuel costs, reliance on foreign fuels, depletion of natural resources, pollution, and rising obesity. This machine solves these problems by allowing a person to mow a lawn, but forces them to pedal the lawn mower like a bike. The solar panel absorbs thermal energy and uses it to keep the motor running that spins the grass-cutting blades and keeps the headlight powered for when you need it. This removes the need for gasoline or another energy starter. The metal treads on each side of the machine help the mower glide smoothly across the grass, and over sticks and stones. This lawn mower reduces human's carbon footprint and obesity; and it eradicates a person's need for foreign fuel to keep it moving. It's unlike any lawn mower in the market today, and will prove to be a great asset to any landscaper today. The lawn care industry is a multi billion dollar market with lawn mowers accounting for 20% of it.


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