Pneumatic Gripper with Electric Eye

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Bernoulli principle automatic gripping-handling device with electric eye and electromagnet can be used in many industry branches. It has easy and cheap construction. It can grip and very precisely orient cylinder-type metal objects without mechanical contact with those objects. It consists of (Fig. 1) the body 3, chamber 1 for pressured air pumping into the nozzle 2, slot 7 for bushing-electromagnet 4 moving along inner surface 6. Bushing-electromagnet 4 houses electric eye 10 and concentrated light source 5.

With device to object distance h decreasing, according to Bernoulli principle, pressured air from the nozzle 2 causes levitation of object 9. Nozzle 2 is inclined. That’s why the object begins to turn about its axe. Light from the source 5 is reflected from the body of object 9 (Fig. 2) into electric eye 10. During object’s 9 turning the hole 8 will find itself against concentrated light source 5. In this case the light will not be reflected into electric eye 10. This causes turn on of bushing-electromagnet 4, which attracts object 9 instantly. And also this causes pressured air pumping stop.


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