Residential Elevator

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I developed a residential elevator, different from that commonly used. It was developed with basic principles of mechanics, materials and cheaper using hydraulics and control to make it work. Some of the advantages of this elevator are:

Cheaper than those commonly used
Easy installation (no special construction needs, comes with its rails)
energy saving (efficient)
Security (hydraulics and system of security)
Resistant materials
No need for machine room
Less noise
The services for the elevator are simple and easy (because of the design)
Is capable of taking up to 7 people
The cabin is adjusted to the customer needs

There are many advantages of this elevator over the competition, but the most important is the price, and ease of transport and installation without losing security and aesthetics, and the fact that it is hydraulic and therefore energy saving, to install it you only need a wall to guide and hold it.

It is totally a new design for an elevator, with ease of use and installation.



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