Air Turbine

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Tesla High Speed - High Volume Air Turbine

This device was originally created to cool a person or a few people off by way of a high speed high volume turbine and an ice chest, which worked wonderful by the way in cooling down a person or a small enclosed area such as work tent in digging ditches, or out in the heat such as desert climates.

We started out from an idea from Nikola Tesla who did a lot of work on fluid dynamics in the 1900’s. We took that idea and with some innovative thought produced a unit that can be built and used in different endeavors in all categories.

We first created models from wood to metal models and now we have plastic units and we can produce units from our molds that have been manufactured by Exacta Tool & Engineering in Pinellas Park, Florida. The unit has a self contained motor that revolves at rpm’s from 18,000 to 30,000 rpm, with a very accurate spindle and can be used with a 12 volt or 24 volt system. A battery or a cigarette lighter would works well with all this.

There is one controller that is used to control the speed of the turbine rotators, which with the higher rpm can generate approximately 50 cubic foot of air a minute and about 7 pounds of water pressure, which is a blast of continuous air which can cool machinery and such for one example, along with thermocouple electronic cooling with heat sinks.

We have gotten our cost way down where we can produce the units by way of our injection molds and molding, which has been a group effort to make this all happen, and are working now on getting the electronics more cost effective. We have experimented with different bearings to help the sound level of our machine also, along with our spindle rotating with only a minute amount of effort, with the finger tip alone will easily spin the rotators.

We have 10 molds ready to produce plastic production parts.

Thank you,
Charles Blankenship-President


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