Preventing Heart Attack with Machine and Solution

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High blood pressure is rising in the global population and this is the invisible killer, sometimes no signs before a heart attack. We have tested years ago that releasing the arterial ans veins can extend the life and let patient free from pain, most of the time reducing normal blood pressure.

This is done by manually applying some of the technics showed here. Investigating many patients was found that veins and arterials passing over the arms are an important part to get clogged, so the we directed the treatment under the arms when veins and arteries flexing to pass to rest of arm.

Applying a special formulated medicine and some pressure using a special needle, we can apply enough formulation to break up the blockage.

Regulated force it is needed in order to apply the formulation both in time and pressure.

This is the part when we need some machinery to do so.

The equipment must have both regulated preassure and time as well a containner for formulation.
This is not a cure for the high blood preasure, just a release to improve quality of life.


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