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New product with dental health care, "Brushpaste." In the current context of dental hygiene care, we encounter the problem of using two elements simultaneously for cleaning teeth, such as a toothbrush and toothpaste, which occupies more space our luggage and also in the bathroom. The problem is that we have to find toothpaste and apply it carefully on the toothbrush with the difficulty that the position requires two elements. Also there is the problem that people who travel long have to carry the two necessary elements, sometimes you lose and sometimes we forget the brush or the paste.

At first glance at the product, we realize that we include toothpaste on the toothbrush handle, which we have reduced the number of items to be handled by 2-1. The consequence of this is, first a reduction in weight, then a reduction in the space occupied in our briefcases, and finally, most importantly, ease of use. And we just have to turn the head of the toothbrush 90 degrees to unlock and toothpaste. We dose turning the wheel in the end of the toothbrush. This wheel spin, it pushes the plunger into the handle of the toothbrush and toothpaste pressed through the outlet pipe to the head properly.The piston or rotary piston is not rotating but linear,and has guides which keep labor as turning but free linear motion as is mounted on a threaded shaft, plastic-like solid glue tubes. The head has a resilient spring formed therein forming process by injection molding, which allows rotation 90 degrees to open or close the dispensing toothpaste.

In short, with two movements, one in the head and one at the base of the handle we have eliminated the use of toothbrush and toothpaste as two elements to one. In the market there are some types of toothbrushes, but I have not located any that solves the problem of losing/opening of the outlet nozzle of the paste. With swivel system closes the internal passage of the toothpaste once the use thereof.Moreover, the handle has a lateral viewfinder where to check the fluid level inside to know how much dough remains. Also be sold separately handles cartridges or spare toothpaste.

This system improves our quality of life and reduces the tedious task of using two elements for dental hygiene.

The Brushpaste design is made of injection molded plastic support ordinances and laws regarding health care.It consists of several parts: the head, the neck, the handle, the screw shaft, and plunger or piston.There is a large potential market aimed at all kinds of people, because it is a dental cleaning operation is performed regularly and easy to use article and I think you can replace the current brushes. The cost of this type of brush can not be greater than the sum of the cost of purchasing the toothbrush and toothpaste separately.

In short, "Brushpaste" "is an attempt to solve the difficulty of carrying two elements of hygene, that although we have assumed as one, it is not. My design would make it easier to clean the teeth, saving time and money.


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