New product with dental health care, "Brushpaste." In the current context of dental hygiene care, we encounter the problem of using two elements simultaneously for cleaning teeth, such as a toothbrush and toothpaste, which occupies more space our luggage and also in the bathroom.

The purpose of my project is: bring to dentists the possibility of improving their diagnostic method with a tool device that will enable doctors to see in real-time images over and inside the teeth. It will reach every boundary,

It has been estimated that major amputations occur in one out of 300 individuals in the United States [1]. There were more than 1.7 million amputees in the US in the year 2000 [2]; that number is expected to increase to nearly 2.4 million amputees by 2020 [2].

Cancer is the second leading killer of Americans, claiming over half a million lives annually. The most powerful predictor of cancer mortality is its ability to metastasize to distant sites in the body.

Blood pressure is a major indicator of a person’s health and one of the five vital signs to watch. However, unlike other vital signs,

EEG (Electroencephalography) is a measurement of electrical activity of the brain from different positions on the scalp. Main objective of this project is to design an EEG instrumentation system with low cost. This instrumentation part of EEG system mainly carries of three major blocks Instrumentation amplifier,

Antegrade Cannulae

Antegrade cannulae are designed to deliver cardioplegia solution to the heart via the aortic. Normal procedures using an aortic cannula, a needle which has the same length as this (10 to 30 cms). The tip of this needle remains exposed all the time,

My Innovations- A brief

Apple Therapy for Diabetes 2, By D.P.Parkhe
my Major Innovation is on Diabetes
For which on Jan 8, 2011 received a prestigious “Innovation Award 2011 from IIT Bombay Alumni Association Chapter Pune, India,

AVARII is a medical device in the form of a bracelet that provides automatic communication during an emergency.

The bracelet is composed of a pulse sensor that monitors the user's pulse rate which gives an alert when the pulse is low,

Diagnostic methods are being used, requiring several days from sampling to results for infectious diseases in clinical laboratories worldwide. Elderly, pregnant and pediatric patients require timely, reliable and accurate diagnostics of bacterial infectants.

The aim of this project is the design, development and fabrication of a biosensor,

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