New product with dental health care, "Brushpaste." In the current context of dental hygiene care, we encounter the problem of using two elements simultaneously for cleaning teeth, such as a toothbrush and toothpaste, which occupies more space our luggage and also in the bathroom. The problem is that we have to find toothpaste and apply it carefully on the toothbrush with the difficulty that the position requires two elements. Also there is the problem that people who travel long have to carry the two necessary elements, sometimes you lose and sometimes we forget the brush or the paste.

At first glance at the product, we realize that we include toothpaste on the toothbrush handle, which we have reduced the ...

The purpose of my project is: bring to dentists the possibility of improving their diagnostic method with a tool device that will enable doctors to see in real-time images over and inside the teeth. It will reach every boundary, orography of each teeth and dental roots inside the patient mouth. The patient will also have the opportunity to look of what is happening in his/her mouth to give them confidence and better understanding of diagnosis.
As a student, I’ve been related to the used tools that make cavities on a patient’s teeth. Most patients get nervous during medical procedure, Dentist also waste time interchanging bur tools.
Considering that dentist’s visual area of work is reduced and time is ...

It has been estimated that major amputations occur in one out of 300 individuals in the United States [1]. There were more than 1.7 million amputees in the US in the year 2000 [2]; that number is expected to increase to nearly 2.4 million amputees by 2020 [2]. There are 26,000 [3] upper extremity amputations performed per year in the United States of which 10,000-12,000 [4] would be likely candidates for this two degree of freedom (DoF) wrist unit.

This is the presentation of new prosthetic technology with increased function – an electrically powered wrist providing user controlled concurrent motion in two directions, which can be integrated and function with many commercially available terminal devices and prosthesis designs.


Cancer is the second leading killer of Americans, claiming over half a million lives annually. The most powerful predictor of cancer mortality is its ability to metastasize to distant sites in the body. Much of this spread occurs in blood and lymphatic vessels yet effective methods for studying cells in these environments remain undeveloped. We have designed and fabricated a system capable of growing human cancer cells in a controlled environment similar to that of the human body. Such a system serves as an effective model for cancer metastasis and will allow researchers more experimental control than existing cell culture techniques.

Our device seamlessly integrates with existing cell culture technology. It consists of 96 precision-machined cone ...

Blood pressure is a major indicator of a person’s health and one of the five vital signs to watch. However, unlike other vital signs, abnormal blood pressure can be evidence of a long term illness rather than an immediate one and can be used to predict a cardiovascular disease which is a leading cause of death worldwide.

Although non-invasive blood pressure measurement using cuff-based methods provides adequate data for many applications in medicine. Cuff-based methods have some disadvantages which limit their use in certain clinical situations.

For one, a continuous blood pressure monitoring is not possible since a pause of at least one or two minutes between blood pressure measurements is necessary to avoid measurement errors. Thus, short-term changes ...

EEG (Electroencephalography) is a measurement of electrical activity of the brain from different positions on the scalp. Main objective of this project is to design an EEG instrumentation system with low cost. This instrumentation part of EEG system mainly carries of three major blocks Instrumentation amplifier, High pass filter and Low pass filter.

Instrumentation amplifier is mainly responsible for extracting the AC signal; it also rejects the common mode noise and differential DC voltage. Bio electric signal needs a CMRR (Common Mode Rejection ratio) greater than 80 dB. In this project to reduce the cost we design a three op-amp instrumentation amplifier with a gain of 200 using discrete components instead of using Instrumentation amplifier IC.With our design we ...

Antegrade Cannulae

Antegrade cannulae are designed to deliver cardioplegia solution to the heart via the aortic. Normal procedures using an aortic cannula, a needle which has the same length as this (10 to 30 cms). The tip of this needle remains exposed all the time, which increases the risk of an accident for the medical team, in addition to connect the cannula to the line which delivers the drug is required to completely remove the needle and then blood flows uncontrollably until it is manually connected to the supply line, with the risk of having an error when the connection, leading to a substantial loss of blood. The cannula proposal reduced to 0 risk of blood loss and the ...

My Innovations- A brief

Apple Therapy for Diabetes 2, By D.P.Parkhe
my Major Innovation is on Diabetes
For which on Jan 8, 2011 received a prestigious “Innovation Award 2011 from IIT Bombay Alumni Association Chapter Pune, India, for Innovation of Apple a day for
“ Use of Apple for sugar control is a NOVEL finding which has brought Diabetes under control even by eliminating Pills and Insulin avoiding all the side effects.”

This innovation is of Global Importance of this century
This work is approved by “Academy Health Research Org. USA” for poster reading in their conference held in the month of June 2003. And is published in various forums in USA. and ...

AVARII is a medical device in the form of a bracelet that provides automatic communication during an emergency.

The bracelet is composed of a pulse sensor that monitors the user's pulse rate which gives an alert when the pulse is low, null or too high and automatically connects you to an emergency center. The emergency call is made via a mobile communication service which uses a SIM card with GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication)and a powerful antenna to determine the exact location of the user even if he is unconscious or dead.

Although it provides an automatic signal, it can be activated at any time, in cases of a car accident, robbery, kidnapping, accidental falls, or any other ...

Diagnostic methods are being used, requiring several days from sampling to results for infectious diseases in clinical laboratories worldwide. Elderly, pregnant and pediatric patients require timely, reliable and accurate diagnostics of bacterial infectants.

The aim of this project is the design, development and fabrication of a biosensor, which will determine the type and concentration of bacterial infectants in liquid human samples.

Biosensor will determine the type and amount of bacteria in samples with unprecedented speed of detection, accuracy and reproducibility matching the state of the art cultivation or genetic diagnostics.

The low detection limits might be achieved through functionalized biochip surfaces.

Actual results of measurements are processed on a smartphone. Internet connection offers the advantage of contacting your physician ...

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