Risk of Cancer Evaluation in Human Communities

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After a long and intense study on cancer incidence taking into account huge official statistic data and personal data, and over 40 years of research in development of an original mental test (HuPoTest), I established that cancer diseases are mainly driven by inter-human relationships in human communities.

Mental field as contribution of individual mental behavior is mainly responsible for cancer incidence in human communities. Particular case is family where children (especially boys) are exposed at mental disorders causing allergies and brain and blood cancers.

HuPoTest can be used both as individual test and mental training allowing the improvement of individual mental behavior. It can not be tricked,i.e. the person under test can not appear as he is not. HuPoTest is a free ware available on my website. It can be applied periodically in view to evaluate the risk of cancer much early of its triggering allowing to take proper actions.

Also on my website are posted almost all my studies on cancer and on mental technology.

I am also available for any further details and technical support.


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