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Simple Urinary Catheterization Without The Mess!

The Problem:
The current catheterization procedure for a Mitrofanoff urostomy is to use a catheter and a syringe, emptying the bladder one syringeful at a time, uncoupling, emptying into a bowl, recoupling and drawing the next syringeful. The biggest risk is spilling urine next to the patient, likely onto a bed. The Mitrofanoff utilizes stomach tissue grafted into the bladder, increasing urine volume but also introducing mucous into the urine, which if not flushed out, can cause bladder stones or infections. This sediment is usually removed by a complicated irrigation technique, where the trick is to keep all implements clean that introduce fluid into the bladder for flushing. It gets complicated quickly.

The Solution:
UroPal is a simple and practical solution for fast, clean, safe and self-contained intermittent urostomy catheterization for people with urostomies at home, work, school and during travel. The UroPal system reduces the amount of work required for each catheterization event, thereby providing a much greater level of normalcy to the life of a person with catheterization needs, including the increased independence of children.

The valved hand-pump design easily removes urine and mucous sediment typical of Mitrofanoff and other types of urostomies, thereby preventing bladder stones and infections, allowing an unprecedented level of personal freedom and normalcy without the additional complications of bladder irrigation that is usually inherent with the Mitrofanoff urostomy.

The hand-pump is attached to a standard, trumpet-type hydrophilic catheter and is then used to start a siphon, allowing gravity to do most of the work, reducing the workload for a child or an adult with weak hands. The large diameter drainage tube provides a reasonable but safe amount of siphoning vacuum without the use of batteries, time and cost-effectively removing bladder sediment automatically. Alternatively, the pump can be manually worked for faster voiding of the bladder. Urine travels closed-loop from the pump assembly through a tube into a vinyl collection bag with a dump valve, preventing spillage. The urine is drained from the bag into a toilet and the pump is rinsed with water, readying it for the next use. UroPal is doctor-recommended as the new standard of urostomy care.

UroPal is the result of extensive, real-world testing on an actual Mitrofanoff urostomy patient. Christian, 8, is the inventor’s son and is the “test pilot.” UroPal was invented after a bowl of urine was spilled on a new comforter. It can be manufactured 100% from off-the-shelf industry-standard medical parts. The market potential is large considering the current market for trumpet-ended urinary catheters. Anyone in need of a clean, closed-loop method of employing their catheters can use UroPal. UroPal costs much less than expensive bladder stone removal surgeries and precludes the need for saline storage and cumbersome clean-handling methods, saving valuable healthcare worker time or precious family quality time.

As a widowed father of three, one of whom is a special-needs child, I cannot imagine life without UroPal. It just simplifies everything. That’s why I invented it.


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