Self Medication

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I had a skin allergy on the face, thighs and on the foot which started in 1989. Around 20 doctors failed in the diagnosis and the last I visited the doctor was in June 2002. Allopathy, Ayurvedic and Homeopathy medicines were tried and all were unsuccessful. Lot of layers had grown on the face and I attempted self medication since July 2002 and got it cleared Through Self Medication thorough diagnosis was successful and found out myself that I was allergic to Soaps, Ointments, Cosmetics, Any type of Chemicals which absorbs even applied on the skin and enter the stomach and lead to allergic cold, throat infections, etc., Since July 2002 I am free from all. The main substance being used is Camphor - Powdered / Diamond Sugar. To clear the face the powdered sugar needs to be applied on the foot or on the forehead before breakfast and later after break fast or lunch or dinner the same needs to be applied on the face i.e. on the cheeks to ensure that the foot is cleared. Alternatively the diamond sugar consumed along with the warm purified water before food and later consumed along with the Pot cold water after food keeps everything under control. Also allergic to drinking cold water, bottled water, hot water, etc., Since 2002 July no doctors have been visited and the problem has been Zero.The lemon water will be used as a substitute to the normal water. The Saliva some times adds value to keep a stable health. When it is a running nose and the same can be used as a prevention for stopping the same and if immediately rubbed the same on a suitable part of the body the running nose stops immediately.

The camphor consumed after food with water also helps in reducing the weight.

I suggest to all the people for whom the medicines prescribed by the doctor or if the doctor who also have their own limitations fail with diagnosis people must try their own methods with the natural substance readily available and get their ailments cured.

My skin is very sensitive and if any one wants to copy my method try for few days and if it fails please think of Aadhishesha the snake God and every one will be blessed with suitable methods.


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