Therapeutical and Self Massage Lounge Chair

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Health benefit background:

Accupressure therapy involves pressing points on the body with fingers, hands or balls as in this case illustrated below, to alter the internal flow of a supposed vital force of energy called chi, strengthening it, calming it or removing a blockage of flow.

Accupressure is one of a number of treatment methods regularly used in traditional Chinese medicine where pressure points are aligned along 14 bodily meridians or pathways. Some well controlled studies suggest that acupressure can be effective for a number of health problems, including nausea, pain and stroke related weakness. A single point may be pressed for relief from a particular symptom or condition or to promote overall well-being of the body. The force used on different points varies but most points call for a steady, downward pressure lasting one to two minutes.

This is the purpose of the lounge chair- to have a therapeutical effect on a body through massage and relaxation by activation of pressure points.

Interpretation of pictures attached:

First picture depicts an assembly of a chair put together by using several frames made of aluminum standard pipes. The lower frame (1) becomes flexible under applied weight and has some locks (9) to adjust the height.

Base frame (2) has some slots to accommodate the pipe holders (6) that are replaceable with different sizes of spheres or balls made by custom size, based on preferences and body configuration of each individual.

Frames (2) and (4) are attached by using two pairs of mirrored pivot joints (5) and (8) that allow the rotating against each other by 15?, all way to a horizontal state. Arm rests (3) assure relaxation of the arms in a comfortable posture.

Second picture illustrates one chair open all way and, the second with the back frame rotated 180 degrees secured with the locks against the two pivots, at adjustable preferred angles. The chairs are secured properly to form a single unit.

The third picture describes two chairs assembled together as a self massage table with the back frame of the chair #2 removed and secured by using the two pivots.

Detailed drawings ( 3D and 2D) are available for purchase in any format, on three week notice for $2,900.


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