Gross Motor Development Machine

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I have developed a machine that aids stroke and head injuries patients to learn to walk and improve motor skills. This machine is micro-processor controlled devices that has two hand switches and two foot switches that progress from homologous (first both hands and then both feet) stage to homo-lateral (right hand and foot then left hand and foot) and finally the third stage bi-lateral (right hand and left foot then left hand and right foot). These are the stages that an infant goes through to learn to walk. There are four Light emitting diode that guide the patient through the individual stages. There is a counter for correct responses and a counter to record an incorrect response. There is also a timer that will allow a therapist to gauge the improvement attained by the patient. The amount of time spent on each stage will be dependent on the severity of the damage to the brain. I feel that there is a great need for this machine because of the large number of head and stroke patients.


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    Mike O'rear
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    Amateur Radio
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    The large number of stroke victims and the number of head trauma experienced by out military.
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