Remote-Controlled Stair-Climbing Device

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MUNA Enterprises is a robot design team comprised of senior mechanical engineering students from Memorial University of Newfoundland. In the course ENGI 8926: Mechanical Design Project II, students are required to identify an engineering challenge which can be researched in depth. An appropriate solution or design can also be produced for the challenge via computer simulation or fabricated prototype.

As significant commercial and industrial applications have been proposed for a robot capable of traversing a staircase, MUNA Enterprises has chosen to design and virtually test a robot capable of both ascending and descending a staircase for the ENGI 8926 design project. More information on design, deliverables and project status is available on or by request.


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  • Name:
    Nick Robbins
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    Team members:
    Nick Robbins
    John Weir
    Hannah Ploskonka
    Andrew Batstone
    Evan Macleod
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  • Nick's hobbies and activities:
    Music and sports.
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    GrabCAD, SPE, SAE, CSME.
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    This particular design was inspired by other stair-climbing robot designs found on the internet.
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    SolidWorks Education Edition
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